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  Message From The Chief  

The Simpsonville Police Department proudly provides professional public safety services to the City of Simpsonville residents and business community. It is our goal and mission to form a strong relationship and partnership with all community members by establishing an open and direct line of communication. Citizens and business community members are encouraged to contact our department with their concerns and ideas in making the City of Simpsonville a safe and secure community. We also encourage community members to take the time to interact and become familiar with members of this department to solidify a strong line of communication.

Communication is a key component when building a relationship or partnership. Without good communication between all stakeholders, the assurance of mistrust, apathy and failure will surely prevail. Good communication is paramount in the efforts of building strong relationships and partnerships. The Simpsonville Police Department is committed to ensure open lines of communication that will always be available to community members in our efforts to keep the City of Simpsonville safe.

Every effort to address community members needs and concerns will be handled in a sincere and timely manner, to ensure the least amount of stress or inconvenience to them. We truly want  the citizens of Simpsonville to know without a doubt, that they are able to rely on the Simpsonville Police Department to meet the community's need for public safety services.

Thank you and  feel free to contact us anytime.

Chief Chip Minnis


Crime Stoppers


Police Department

1. All Officers and vehicles are now equipped  with video cameras. Officers are wearing body cameras and recording their contact with citizens.

2. Please pay attention to all traffic laws as we are strictly enforcing all violations.





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108 Old Veechdale Rd Simpsonville, KY 40067

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Call: 502.633.2323